About Tegan:

     Coach, counselor, educator, consultant, artist and podcast host- she considers herself to be a life long learner with a diverse background and a passion for studying the impacts of Psychology and especially Group Psychology, Mobbing Dynamics and the "Cluster B" Personality Disorders on their victims and society as a whole. Although "character pathology" abuse and "Complex Trauma" are very complex issues without bandaid solutions, she is available to help people who have experienced this or other traumatic events move forward with a healthy, healing and fulfilling life plan utilizing a multitude of approaches. She has also taken extensive training beyond this and is available to assist those whose issues are not interpersonally related. She has taken courses in assisting veterans and individuals with disabilities specifically, for example. 

     She continuously educates herself on psychology, self improvement, the law, mental health and wellness, personality disorders and mobbing dynamics in a wide array, from work to family situations, child abuse, national and international conflict, divorce, custody, criminal proceedings, the entertainment industry, the military, tenant/landlord issues, workplace mobbing and law reform issues.  She also takes an interest in "cults", gangs and terrorist networks and the dynamics of organizational "whistleblowing", and how to move on from such an experience, if you have had contact. 

       She enjoys assisting people who have experienced a traumatic blow or life changing  situation to find true peace, have a more minimalist lifestyle, establish boundaries, improve their health, overcome fear and reduce stress, rebuild self worth, enhance or restructure relationships, set goals and being accountable to them, and improving organizational skills amongst other life enhancement skills that are often impaired or eroded after any type of trauma, or for people who have simply never yet learned them. Tegan has made it her purpose and mission, along with the assistance of her allies and collaborators, to bring quality and affordable helpful assistance to those who have been suffering alone and in silence, no matter who you are. Tegan works with clients from all walks of life, and worldwide.

Please get in touch to find out how she can help you. 

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