"Tegan is an excellent researcher and communicator. I have done interviews with her on her YouTube channel and she is very organized and timely. Her desire to help others is a beautiful thing in a "me-first" world. Tegan's professionalism and her warm personality are the first things I noticed about her and I would certainly recommend using Tegan and her courses to anyone ready to improve their lives"

-Dr. Angel Storm, PhD 

"I had the pleasure and joy of interviewing with Tegan for her podcast show, and it was wonderful to work with her. She puts people at ease, has a heart for serving and helping others, and is very kind, caring and thoughtful. She is an exceptional and articulate communicator. Tegan is also extremely professional. I would absolutely work with Tegan again!"

-Tracy R

"I consulted with Tegan regarding a difficult experience I was having, and it felt so good to connect with someone who understood narcissistic abuse. In combination with seeing my medical professional and licensed trauma therapist, I got a lot out of speaking with her and recommend her services. I also appreciate the education that she offers on her YouTube channel, and the experts that she interviews. It shows me that she is serious about learning more and providing good value to her clients"

-Lee, New York 

"A skilled and knowledgeable coach and counselor"

-NB, Australia

"To be honest, I wasn't ready for a full on "life coaching" investment, as I just needed some one time help on an issue. Spoke to Tegan, we figured it out. It put a bit of pep in my step that day and was well worth the small fee"

-YN, Marrekesh Morocco

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